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Friday, June 9, 2017

Basic Poker Rules and Desk Positions

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In poker is known as a blind which means that the initial bet must be placed by 2 players ie players who are in the position of small blinds and players who are in big blind position.

Small blinds are usually worth half of the big blind, for example the $ 1/2 poker game means the player in the small blind position should place $ 1 chips and the player in the big blind position should place a $ 2 chips before the card Shared.

This position rotates clockwise as the game progresses before the new card is distributed or the next deal.

After the card is distributed the player in the left position of the big blind or early position must react first with the card distributed for him, the reactions that can be done are:

- Fold: This means the player rajapoker judge the card he got is not good enough to continue the game and does not want to risk his chips.

- Call: This means players are risking a number of chips equal to the big big blind.

- Raise: This means the player adds the bet amount above the bet that has been placed by the player in the big blind position.

After that the next player in the middle position get a turn to react, so on and on. In very popular games such as texas holdem and omaha then the dealer (who distributes the card) will place 3 cards on the table called Flop, after which the player who reacts the last before the flop should react first after the flop is ejected.

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